NO NATO days
7-10 November 2002,
Ljubljana, Slovenia



thursday, 7th November

friday, 8th November
saturday, 9th November
thursday, 7th November

a spectacle in the city
en la próxima estación: entrada liberta(d)

The main roads of the city will be overflown by manifold groups that will be drawn in a colourful caravan by a spaceship on four wheels. The spaceship will begin to gather the caravan around 12.30 at Bavarski dvor and will take it towards the sun. New stations, new ships, flying and multi-storied will join. The space will be permeated by the spectacle of the moving caravan

street performance, free style, juggling, singing shelters, League of improvisers, pressing theatre, jackson's Elvises, graffiti, c3, young and happy, food without bombs, masters of fire, DJs, banners of great sizes, masks and dancing, abstract films, lighting contours, United drums, pupetteers, interpretation of feelings and improvisation ...

Even though the spectacle will be an artistic, cultural, estetical one, it will be damned political...

It will be created in an unorganised way – everybody will be able to enter for free and freely at the next station en la próxima estación: entrada liberta(d) ... The spectacle will narrate about a station that is not NATO, that is free, movable and open, that has no aim but still is flowing in a positive way into a certain direction, that can freely and flexibly choose further stations, that breathes and permeates with feelings, that is accessible to children and adults, that is common, that is being built by imagination and bodies, outside of institutions, accompanied by the sounds of drums and guitars...

The spectacle will be now and then interrupted for three minutes by the intellectuals who won't be collecting cultural-political points but sharing the feeling of the day - en la próxima estación entrada liberta(d)!

The spectacle will be eyed by television cameras, radios will be sending the sounds into the world, photographs will be trying to steel a moment of the entrada liberta(d) and enthusiasm will flow into the microphones: en la próxima estación: entrada liberta(d)!

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friday, 8th November


speakers corner
at Pre¹eren square

Every citizen can PUBLICLY express their opinions and demands in regard to Slovenia's memberhip in NATO, war against Iraq, violence of capitalism...

Pre¹eren square,
Friday, 8 Nov 2002,
13.00 – 18.00

On November 8 the Pre¹eren's speakers corner will give you the opportunity to appeal to Slovenia and the world for solidarity, tolerance, justice, peace and nonviolence. Individuals, (in)formal organisations, associations, groups etc. are invited to participate actively.

The speakers' Friday afternoon will be accompanied by numerous DJs, drummers and other performers.


saturday, 9th November

March for Peace:


Zvezda park (Kongresni trg) at 10 am: beginning of gathering, warm cofffee, tea, baked chestnuts, street theatre, melodies of the choir over the barricades.

At 11.55 beginning of the walk. Our walking accompanied by the rhythms of music and drumming will be a multitude of steps of resistance against the political castes, against their betrayals, greed, lies, their military pact - of resistance against NATO!

We will join our bodies against NATO - this watchdog of the plenty of few and the reason for suffering of the many - and will reconquer the streets on which we will show our resistant creativity and imagination and point to the destructive and decaying mind of the militarists.

November 9 (international day against fascism) will be a day of screaming against NATO and of walking into a world of peace and freedom, a world without exclusion and violence.


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